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Terms & conditions

In the unlikely event Miss Fleur is unable to obtain the exact flowers you request; we will endeavour to obtain flowers of an equal or greater value and quality at no extra cost to you. Miss Fleur will try to match your colour choice as closely as possible, but natural colour variations mean we cannot guarantee an exact match.


A non-refundable booking fee of 25% of the flower balance is required to secure the date of the wedding payable when you accept the quotation. The balance will become due 4 weeks before the Wedding Day.

Payment of the booking fee and flower quotation can be made by bank transfer or cheque. If the final payment is not made on or before the due date, Miss Fleur may not be able to order the flowers for your wedding and could result in substitutions.


Due to the uncertainty of Brexit on the floristry trade, as importers from Europe we reserve the right to increase our prices to cover any taxes, increases or tariffs that may arise.


If for any reason, you decide to cancel the booking then we reserve the right to invoke the following clauses:

If the Wedding is cancelled up to six months before the date of the Wedding, payment of 25% of the total order value is required.

If the Wedding is cancelled up to three months before the date of the Wedding, payment of 50% of the total order value is required.

If the Wedding is cancelled within 4 weeks of the Wedding date, then payment of 100% of the total order value is required.

All cancellations should be made in writing and addressed to Mrs Kelly L’Esperance, Miss Fleur Floral Design, 19 Gurton Road, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1QL.

If the Wedding is cancelled within 4 weeks of the wedding and Miss Fleur is not informed, then the flowers become the property of the Bride/Groom.

If you decide to postpone your wedding to a future date, Miss Fleur will endeavour to transfer the booking across to the new date, subject to availability. The quotation will be subject to a price increase.

Should Miss Fleur already have an existing secured booking on such date, no refunds or compensation shall be offered.

If a postponement is mutually agreed, a 50% balance is due on the final balance of the booking. Any amendments must be made no later than four weeks before your wedding date. The total value can be increased as required but cannot be decreased by more than 25%.

It is the responsibility of the Bride/Groom to check through the quotation thoroughly and ensure that all her requirements are met. Miss Fleur will rectify any errors immediately upon notification.

Miss Fleur accepts no responsibility for any requirements that are incorrect and not notified accordingly.

Miss Fleur will make every effort to deliver the flowers to the bridal party & groom and to the addresses agreed as early in the morning as possible or at a time mutually agreed between the Bride/Groom and Miss Fleur.

If the Reception/Wedding Venue is to be decorated, then it is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to arrange for Miss Fleur to have access to the venue as early as possible on the Wedding Day.

All flowers will be delivered to you in prime condition in suitable packaging and will have been photographed before delivery. It is the responsibility of the receiver to make sure flowers are kept in optimal conditions before the wedding.

Pinning of buttonholes/corsages is done as wearers own risk. Miss Fleur cannot be held responsible for any snagging, staining or tearing to clothing by flowers and pins provided.

This is your very special and once-in-a-lifetime day and here at Miss Fleur we want you to enjoy all aspects of your day. Therefore, any issues with the flowers must be mentioned on the day of the wedding to enable Miss Fleur to rectify any problem, failure to do so implies that the order is accepted as is. Miss Fleur reserves the right to use images of the flowers after the event for publicity and marketing purposes on our website, social media and printed advertisements.


It is understood that Miss Fleur will act as the sole and exclusive florist for your event. By signing this the client agrees that no other person, company, professional or otherwise, shall provide fresh floral products for the client’s event or event location without the consent of Miss Fleur.

This clause is to protect the image of Miss Fleur from assumptions that might occur from the event’s attendees. Some exceptions may apply, inquire with Miss Fleur for details.

By paying the Booking Fee the Bride/Groom or their representative agrees to the Terms and Conditions contained herein this contract.




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